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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rob, Andy and Nik round up the Iatefl conference with a last interview of some stats and impressions.

Surprisingly, There have been viewers from 157 different countries! According to the numbers, well over 100000 teachers have been watching videos of the sessions and interviews so organisers are very pleased and proud of this year's participation. With easy online access to the live sessions and interviews, teachers from all over the world have been able to access and follow just as if they had actually been there. In fact, Nik mentions that some teachers who were actually physically present at the conference were walking around with their ipads and tablets, listening in on some of the live sessions at the same time. Isn't technology fantastic?!

Some points worth mentioning:

- There was a lot of talk about bridging the gap between research and classroom practice. Good to hear!

- Teachers need to be clearer with their feedback and they need to challenge students more. We are too easy on our students!

- Nik was also thrilled to have shared chats with Scott Thornbury about technologies and their positive role in education.

- Iatefl is enabling more and more teachers from all over the world to get together, physically or virtually, to share ideas and get together socially to talk about TEACHING.

All in all the conference has been a great success and they want to let us all know that online coverage of the conference will be available for the next year. Check out this link to watch videos of the many interviews and sessions that took place.

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