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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I was recently reading a presentation by Professor Dalton Kehoe of York University about 'energizing teaching with technology'. He is actually referring to university level students in his presentation but I feel his advice is very relevant when it comes to re-energizing teachers or students of all ages.

  I would like to share a few good points that I've taken from the presentation and offer it as advice to all of us who really want to make a difference with our lectures or classes.

  He mentions that lecturers/teachers display three general qualities:

  • Love of the subject matter

  • Appropriate preparation and structure

  • Obvious care for their students

  It may seem like obvious information, however, it's made me reflect about my teaching practices. You often find teachers who love their subject matter but lack the skills in preparing interesting classes which will engage their 21st century students. Other teachers are great at preparing their classes but lack that personal touch when it comes to connecting with their students. It´s not always easy to keep all three of these qualities present at all times and with all classes. If you want to improve your teaching, I invite all teachers to take a short reflexion and ask yourselves if you possess these three qualities and if you lack in one area, it's something to work on!

  I’d also like to invite all of you teachers out there to post a comment on my wallwisher, ENERGIZING TEACHERS. The question is: What have you done this Summer to re-energize for the upcoming school year? I would really appreciate some feedback! To end, I'd also like to invite you all to read an article written by a high school student and his view of text books. It's worth a reflexion as we all begin this new school year. "A high school senior’s view of textbooks and worksheet packets"