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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Nik Peachey has recently published 15 reasons why online teaching development works best.  I normally try to use my own ideas when blogging but it turns out that I completely agree with Nik and couldn't have expressed myself better than he has!
As an online learner myself, I can completely back up any of the points mentioned.  Having done an online masters practically full time for two years, I could work at my own computer, learn at my own pace and try out any new ideas on the classes that I had at the time. It was a steep learning curve but that's the beauty of working at one's own pace.  On top of developing and fine-tuning my own digital literacy skills, it also gave me great insight into what students go through when participating in online courses and forums.  Last but not least, studying online put me in contact with a great network of professionals with whom I have continued working with and learning from.  For me, the benefits far outnumber any inconvenience.  Have a read!

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