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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back-to-school blues...

Teachers, it's ALMOST that time again!
Very soon we will be starting up a new school year and rather than feeling more in control as we gain experience from previous years, many of us feel more overwhelmed than ever before. Shifts in the educational system require us to make adjustments to curriculums, develop objectives integrating the 'Key Competences', implant the 1x1 program (1 laptop per student) in our classroom, etc. It’s no wonder we get the back-to-school blues even though we may feel well rested and ready to take on a new year. In many cases, it’s simply because we do not feel totally supported in taking on these new tasks.

Why not create a PLN? What's a PLN you ask?

Great question. Most teachers probably have no idea what a PLN is, how to go about getting one or how it can help them to fight the back-to-school blues.
Richard Byrne – teacher, speaker, edtech blogger and advocate for technology in classrooms – describes PLN as a “network of professionals with whom you share knowledge and from whom you gain knowledge.”

Have a look at the following presentation to see how you can develop a PLN.

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